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Spirits of Goa: Feni

Updated: Jul 7

Feni is more than just a drink; it's a gem of Goan culture. This traditional Goan liquor, distilled from either cashew apples or coconut sap, holds a rich history dating back to the 16th century.

Crafting Feni

Feni comes in two main varieties:

Cashew Feni: Crafted from the juice of cashew apples, introduced to Goa by the Portuguese.

Coconut Feni: Made from the sap of coconut palms, also known as toddy.

Both types undergo natural fermentation followed by triple distillation, resulting in a potent, aromatic spirit with an alcohol content ranging from 40-45%. The process of making Feni is a treasured tradition passed down through generations. It begins with harvesting cashew apples or collecting coconut sap. After extraction, the juice or sap ferments naturally in earthen pots. Following fermentation, it undergoes triple distillation in copper pots to achieve its distinctive strength and flavor. Unlike many spirits, Feni is typically enjoyed fresh, which enhances its bold character.

The Spirit of Feni

Exploring Feni is exploring a bit of Goan culture. Whether sipped neat or mixed into a cocktail, Feni offers a taste of Goa that's truly one-of-a-kind. Local distilleries and shops sometimes offer Feni tastings and tours, so if you get a chance we highly recommend to give this cultural gem a try! Tho we also offer some Feni based cocktails at The Funky Monkey Hostel Bar so come and join us!

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