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Goa's Seasons and Weather: When to Visit and What to Expect

Updated: Jul 8

From sunny beaches to lush monsoon landscapes, Goa has something special to offer year-round. Let's dive into the best times to visit and what to expect during each season!

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Winter Season November to February

Why Visit:

Winter in Goa is truly magical, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 28°C, making Anjuna the perfect spot for beach parties, water sports, and exploring vibrant local markets like the Wednesday Flea Market. During high season, Anjuna comes alive with beach parties, raves, and cultural events, offering plenty of chances to meet fellow travelers from around the world. Whether you're wandering through bustling markets or dancing on Goa's beaches, winter promises unforgettable experiences for every backpacker.

What's Happening:

Christmas and New Year: Celebrate with beach parties, fireworks, and parties all around.

Travel Tips:

Book flights & accommodations early; this is peak season and prices get high!

Perfect for backpackers who: Enjoy lively beach vibes, vibrant nightlife, meeting new people, and experiencing Goa's high season with sunny and comfortable temperatures!

Summer Season

March to May

Why Visit:

If you can handle the heat, summer in Goa is a quieter time with fewer crowds and some great off-season deals. Temperatures can soar up to 35°C, so stay hydrated!

What's Happening:

Shigmo Festival: Goa's answer to Holi, with vibrant colors and cultural parades.

Travel Tips:

Embrace the traditional Goan siesta and explore early mornings and late evenings to beat the heat. If you are sensitive, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen and have a hand fan with you. Stay hydrated - coconuts are your best choice! Book your stay with the Funky Monkey Hostel; all our dorms and private rooms have AC!

Perfect for travelers who: Love to take siestas and can't get enough sun!

Monsoon Season

June to September

Why Visit:

Monsoon turns Goa into a lush, green paradise. With heavy rainfall, it’s the perfect time for nature lovers and those seeking to see the authentic Goan lifestyle.

What's Happening:

Sao Joao Festival: Celebrate the monsoon

Travel Tips:

Ideal for monsoon treks.

Enjoy off-season discounts and a serene, less crowded Goa.

Carry a good raincoat and waterproof your essentials (like your phone or passport).

Perfect for backpackers who: Seek lush green landscapes, enjoy authentic local experiences, and love serene, off-season travel.

Post-Monsoon Season


Why Visit:

October is a beautiful transition month with occasional showers and cooler temperatures. The landscapes are refreshed and vibrant, making it a fantastic time for nature enthusiasts.

What's Happening:

Enjoy the natural beauty and fewer tourists.

Travel Tips:

Perfect for exploring Goa's hidden gems without the touristy hustle.

Engage in many eco-friendly activities like nature walks and wildlife spotting.

Perfect for travellers who: like the tranquility of nature, appreciate cooler temperatures, and like a good social atmosphere!

No matter when you visit, Goa is always special. Whether you're basking in the winter sun, soaking in the monsoon greenery, or enjoying the laid-back vibe of the summer and post-monsoon seasons, there's always something beautiful to discover!

Curious about the weather? Sneak a peek at our Instagram for the latest updates!


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