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Cafe Hopping in Anjuna

Updated: Jul 7

Last update: June 2024

At The Funky Monkey Hostel, our talented chefs ensure that nobody goes hungry, offering a great selection of drinks & comfort foods from around the world. But if you're in the mood for cafe hopping or exploring some authentic Goan bites, here’s a guide to our favourite spots around!

Top destinations within walking distance from the Funky Monkey Hostel

Sahil for Authentic Goan Fish Thali:  just a 6-minute walk from the Hostel, Sahil Bar & Restaurant is the perfect place to try some authentic Goan Fish Thali. Enjoy freshly caught seafood seasoned with local spices and traditional accompaniments. A must-visit for those seeking an authentic taste of Goa at a reasonable price, with a lovely view of Anjuna's paddy fields.

Flour Power Bakery: Craving pizza? A 5-minute walk brings you to Flour Power Bakery, sourdough pizzas in a cozy setting!

Pisco: For a fine dining experience with a superb beach view, head to Pisco, a 10-minute walk from the hostel. It’s ideal for treating yourself or a loved one to something special!

Gratitude Cafe: For a peaceful experience away from the commercial places with many vegan and gluten-free options Gratitude Cafe is highly recommended. Take a shortcut through the jungle (the small path next to money exchange point) and you'll reach this gem within a beautiful 10-minute walk.

German Bakery: (Usually closed during monsoon) A 9-minute walk away, German Bakery is a cozy spot with some great European & Indian options.

6 Pack Bar & Restaurant: Goan seafood, beautiful ambiance, and top-rated service at 6 Pack Bar & Restaurant, a 10-minute walk from The Funky Monkey Hostel.

Five-Five: authentic Goan shack vibe and friendly prices at Five-Five

Just a Short Bike Ride Away

Cafe hopping in Anjuna, girl on bike

Rent a bike at the reception or share one with your hostel buddies to explore these nearby spots:

Eva Cafe: Open during high season only, Eva Cafe offers a cute boho ambiance with a beautiful beach view. It can get busy, so securing a table might be challenging, but the view makes it worth the wait!

Guru Bar: close to Eva Cafe, great for live music events and cold drinks, Guru is a must visit for music lovers.

Artjuna Cafe:  Instagram backdrops, bustling atmosphere and music leaning towards the commercial side at Artjuna Cafe 

Baba Au Rhum: beautiful views across Anjuna's paddy fields at Baba Au Rhum, where you can enjoy excellent coffee and diverse selection of European & international dishes.

Need more recommendations?

Don't be shy - ask our staff :)


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