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The Ultimate Packing List for Goa

Hosting travellers since 2014, we have seen some of the most often packed and also most left-behind items by backpackers. We created a checklist for you with all the essentials you might want to carry with you on a trip to Goa. But - packing light & smart is always the best! You can find most essentials close to The Funky Monkey Hostel at the local supermarket or pharmacy, and if you're travelling with a buddy you might share basic items such as sunscreen, mosquito repellents or shampoo to safe some space in your bags.

Backpacker's Checklist Goa


  • ID / Passport /Visa (for international traveler)

  • Cash, ATM Cards (& traveler insurance card)

  • driving license

Tip: Carry your most important belongings (such as your passport) in a waterproof map case. Make a copy of all your important documents and keep these copies together with some cash and emergency contact numbers (insurance & credit/bank contact numbers) in a hidden spot in your backpack - for emergencies!

Basics to carry along:

  • Refillable water bottle

  • a small travel bag for parties / day-trips

  • Phone and portable power backup

  • Hygienic essentials (Sanitiser, toiletries)

  • Face Mask

  • Earplugs

Tip: Carry a small Travel Luggage Lock with you, it's useful to have when hopping through hostels to keep your belongings safe, but also to use on your backpack and avoid quick pickpockets in crowded places (Don't worry, at The Funky Monkey Hostel we provide private lockers for all guests to keep your belongings safe)

Digital items

  • Phone, charger, power back-up, headset

  • Laptop / charger - if you're on #workation + Laptop bag

  • Camera / memory card / chargers

  • Plug adaptor for India (for international travellers)

Tip: It can be difficult to find electronic items (such as chargers for devices) around Anjuna - so before departure make sure you have all the relevant things with you.


  • Swimwear

  • Beach clothes / cover-up

  • clean underwear (& summer socks)

  • Basics (T-shirts, pants, shorts /dress)

  • Hat / cap / scarf for sun protection

  • one warm sweater for cold nights

  • comfortable sleeping / night clothes

  • Flip flops (athletic shoes for hiking / running)

  • only for rainy season: a rain jacket & bag cover!

  • laundry bag for dirty clothes

Tip: If you plan sightseeing in temples or churches around Goa it's good to dress appropriately (long sleeves, clothes that cover the knee and shoulder) Especially for women it's a good idea to pack one long skirt, a long dress, long comfortable pants or some light coverups. The weather can be extremely hot in Goa (and in other states of India too!), but in crowded places, some clothes that cover knees and shoulders can help to avoid too much unwanted attention. Some comfortable, loose-fitting and breathable pants are always a good choice for Goa!


  • Toothbrush, paste, dental floss

  • body soap bar & travel case

  • Travel shampoo bar & conditioner

  • Hair Brush / comb

  • Nail file / clipper / nail scissors

  • Women hygiene products / birth control

  • Contact lenses / solution

  • Facial hygiene, lotion / shaving supplies

  • Sunscreen / Moisturizer

  • Natural insect repellent

  • Basic first aid for travelling such as: First aid ointment, bandage & tweezers Personal medication / pain relief Electrolyte / Headache relief etc.

Note: You can buy almost all essentials close to The Funky Monkey Hostel, the next supermarket and pharmacy are just a few minutes by bike. You'll be able to find the basics and they even have some European chocolates at the supermarket -for urgent chocolate emergencies:)! So make sure you pack your specific requirements but don't overpack - keep some space in your bag to fill with some Goan accessories. If you stay in a dorm you are likely to make some travel buddies with whom you made share basic items like mosquito repellent. So try to keep it simple!


  • One good book you can later on exchange with other travellers once you've finished it. It's a great way to spend time waiting for a plane or bus, but also a great conversation starter at all Hostels!

  • If you come in rainy season, bring a rain cover for your backpack and a good rain jacket!

  • Sport essentials if you like adventure or a travel yoga mat / yoga towel. It's great to carry along, not too heavy and amazing to practice some yoga on the beach! Otherwise, you can borrow Yoga mats at The Funky Monkey Hostel and practise at our Yoga Space.

  • quick-drying towel for travelling (otherwise you can rent towels directly at The Hostel too!)

  • Paper, pen, a book (always good to carry around, to collect memories while travelling, write contact details of newly made travel buddies, draw something and just take some break from digital devices)

  • pashmina travel blanket or a thin cotton sleeping bag. You will definitely get freshly washed bedsheets at the Funky Monkey Hostel, promise! But, in case you plan to travel a long time across various parts of India, a small fresh sleeping bag can be a really good thing to have with you when staying in cheaper accommodations or when couch-surfing through cities.

  • A Train Survival Kit! This might not be relevant for Indian travellers who are well aware of Indian trains, but if you're a foreigner and coming to India for the first time, this is a good thing to have if you plan to travel by train (and a train ride across India can be the best way to experience beautiful scenery, meet local people and make unforgettable memories - for example coming from Bombay to Goa by train) Take essential toiletries, toilet paper, hand sanitiser and some snacks with you!

  • If you're coming to Goa during sunny season-time, don't forget your sunglasses!

Have you already been to Goa?

Is there something missing you would like to see on that list?

We'd love to hear about it!

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