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Riding Solo: My Bike Adventure Across India

Hi, I'm Kristina, a solo traveler from Europe, kitesurfer, and ambassador of good vibes! I came to India to deepen my studies in Ayurveda, buy a bike, and explore as much of the country as possible!

Kristina with her helmet on a beautiful beach in Goa.

Riding solo as a woman on Indian roads is an adventure. India is big, roads are long and unexpected obstacles slow you down when you least expect it.

Women's safety is a big concern in India. I had to make sure to cover my ground during the day and find a place to stay before night.

Sometimes, I had to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Long rides where I couldn't feel my fingers. Trusting the journey.

After finishing my studies in Ayurveda and enjoying the beautiful landscapes and friendships I built in Kerala, it was time for me to explore something new. I traveled solo from Kerala to Goa on my Navi bike. Being on the road means meeting all kinds of people: nice ones and not-so-nice ones.

Upon arriving in Goa, while relaxing on Vagator Beach, I struck up a conversation with another traveler who shared my love for bikes. We enjoyed coconuts together and swapped stories. She highly recommended The Funky Monkey Hostel for a great stay, so I decided to give Anjuna a try!

Girl on a bike on her way for a solo trip to Goa.
From Kerala to Goa

Arriving at The Funky Monkey Hostel, opting for a private room was a must after days of navigating bumpy roads solo. My room offered a comfortable bed, WiFi, a bathroom, and even a hot shower — small luxuries that felt incredibly rewarding after days solo on the road.

While sitting at The Funky Monkey Hostel Bar, I met a diverse group of people: a pilot, a music composer, fellow travelers, and some adorable hostel pets! I quickly felt at home with the hostel team, many of whom have also traveled by bike, giving us plenty of stories to share. Enjoying cold beers, jamming to music, and meeting kindred spirits made for a fantastic start to my time in Anjuna!

Kristina and hostel friends enjoying a yoga session at The Funky Monkey Hostel

In the days that followed, I enjoyed the company of my new friends. We caught the best live music gigs at Anjuna Beach, explored HillTop Market, danced at some wild parties, and started our mornings with peaceful yoga sessions under the mango tree. Biking through sunny fields, taking fun photos, witnessing magical sunsets on Anjuna Beach, and meeting fascinating characters along the way. Within just a few days, The Funky Monkey Hostel felt like my home away from home. More than just a place to park my bike and keep my stuff, this is a place where people from all over the world, different languages, and different backgrounds can connect with each other in harmony. A place where I met so many good vibe souls! A base from which I could discover all of Goa’s crazy loud nightlife and fun hippie markets but also get a really good night's sleep and wake up greeted by the sweet hostel pets, homemade chai, and friendly smiles.

Kristina sitting in front of her private room at The Funky Monkey Hostel.

I could have stayed much longer at The Funky Monkey Hostel. But sometimes we have to push ourselves and get out of our comfort zone in order to grow. And what is better to get out of one's comfort zone than traveling?

I made a trip to Arambol, see the beautiful landscapes in Hampi, discover Karnataka and tested some of the kitesurfing spots of India. But after each of those trips I came back to the Funky Monkey Hostel for a quick stop. A quick stop to recharge my batteries, get my dirty laundry cleaned, sip on some delicious chai, share a hug with my friends and feel like home!

It's been a while now since my last visit to India, and I cannot wait to come back, with the Funky Monkey Hostel definitely on my list again!

Follow more of Kristina’s adventures on Instagram @kristina_lovestotravel


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