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Low Season in Goa

Our team created a list of our favourite things to do in and around Anjuna - during High Season. But weather conditions in Offseason can get quite ...rainy! First, from April to May Anjuna gets really hot, and from June to September Goa cools down with its rainy season.

Is it worth coming to Goa during the monsoon?

It depends on whom you ask and it depends on what you want to do in Goa! While the south of Goa gets really quiet during the monsoon, here in North Goa we usually still have some cosy places open to socialize, explore and to have fun. For us - The Funky Monkey Team - we can all agree that we love Goa during the rainy season and here is why:


During the rainy season, Goa is less touristy, more local, and more “Susegad”. Everything slows down and you can experience a different, some might even say “the real Goa”. No crowded markets, no crowded parties, no traffic jams. But, some of the best friendships we made in Goa happened during the rainy season!

Sure, during high peak time you meet much more people, but between beach hopping, watersports, markets, parties, raving, and sleeping, new people come and go in and out of the dorms every day.

During the rainy season, everything slows down.

You are likely to meet fewer people, but with those that you meet, you’re more likely to have longer and more meaningful conversations about life, travelling, and the universe. "Wow, it's raining like crazy outside!" becomes an easy conversation starter. Besides that, the prices during the rainy season drop, so you get to travel around Goa spending less money. In June and July, it usually rains heavily for several hours a day and the rain can be very unpredictable. July is usually the rainiest month and there are many electricity cuts (don't worry, we do have a basic power backup at The Funky Monkey Hostel for light and forWiFi ! ), but in between all the rain, you also get some sunny breaks and time to explore the beautiful surroundings. It's definitely good to have a raincoat and rain cover for your backpack as well as for important electronic devices! But once you have that, you're ready to explore!

Goa during the monsoon

One of our favourite activities during the monsoon is to go for bike trips (or on long walks with some good umbrellas!) and explore the stunning natural scenery all around. No matter if Anjuna Sunset Point, Chapora Fort, wildlife sanctuaries - during the rainy season Goa appears as a lush green paradise. And yes, wild-life sancturies are usually all open during monsoon! But even without going far, you'll spot peacocks dancing across the patty fields in Anjuna, kingfishers seeking shelter under the mango trees. The air is fresh and the rain takes away all the dust from the roads. Although you have to be careful when driving on rainy roads while rainy season, the natural surroundings are breathtaking during this time of the year and that alone makes Goa worth a visit in times of monsoon!

Let's play!

Monsoon is the time when we get to play chess, card games, monopoly and UNO while enjoying a cup of hot chai and the beautiful rainy scenery in the background. Ask around at the Hostel and you're likely to find some friends to join you for a match! We offer some chess boards and card games directly at the Hostel.

Local Festivals

There are many celebrations and festivals in Goa during Off-Season, one of them is Ganesh Chaturti in September. Part of the celebration includes prayers, offerings and different cultural activities such as singing, music, and performances. If local friends invite you to join them, do not hesitate to say yes!

Time for Foodies! Rainy season is a great time to try some authentic Goan Fish Thali, and the variety of seafood is great during monsoon. If you do not eat Fish don't worry - you can explore Goa's bakeries, some Cafes, and small family-run food stands. Try idly, some dosa and some delicious cinnamon rolls! Although many of the bigger restaurants are closed during monsoon,

you're not going to starve during rainy season!

Shopping in Goa

If you want to go to the cinema, shop for some branded clothes or want to have a shopping experience without all the rain - Mall de Goa is located a 30-minute drive by Taxi/bike from the Hostel. You find many different shops, including Crocs, Max, Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger, Apple and more. If you need a place to eat on the way, check out on the go, you can find delicious Peruvian snacks there!


During the rainy season, we often get to host amazing artists at The Funky Monkey Hostel. Painters, Designers, Tatoo Artists and skilled people, stay in Goa during the low season to create new artworks in the peaceful setting. Feel inspired? You can find art supplies like watercolours, brushes and canvases at Oxford, just a few minutes by bike from the Hostel.

Parties during Low Season

Most of the big venues in North Goa (like Shiva Valley or Hilltop) are closed during the rainy season, while some other smaller venues usually remain open. Compared to the High Season, the party scene in Goa becomes minimal but parties are less crowded, and entry fees are lower. Looking for upcoming venues and events check here

Sports in Goa

While it's really difficult to do sports during Hot Season in April and May, the rainy season is the perfect time to get into shape and do something good for your body! You are likely to find workshops and activities in and around Anjuna, such as MMA classes, full-body workouts, yoga, Pilates, capoeira or dancing classes. If you are interested in workshops, ask us at the reception and we will help you to find a place open during the monsoon months. Whenever we host workshops directly at The Funky Monkey Hostel we announce it on our Instagram stories.

Rainy Photoshoot

Crab your favourite travel buddy (and your umbrella!) and capture some amazing shots of your Goa trip in the rainy season! The beaches and famous tourists spot will most likely be empty so you get to enjoy the best hotspots all for yourself. Don't forget to take a rain cover for your camera as rain can be unpredictable.

Time for books

It is difficult to read books during high season. There are too many exciting things, people, music and events all around. But the low season is the perfect time to finish all the books we couldn't. Have a chai, read a good book and enjoy the cosy rainy vibes! You can exchange books at the Hostel - leave one, take a new one!

São João Festival in Goa

The catholic festival is celebrated on 24. June. After mass in church young catholic men swim in local wells and ponds as a tribute to St. John the Baptist. The celebration also features beautiful coloured boats, flowers, and prayers to pay homage to the saint. In many Goan villages, the celebration includes music, dance and food.

Movie Nights

The electricity cuts during the monsoon are real! But we do have a basic power backup for light and WiFi at the Hostel and we love to watch Movies & TV Shows during the monsoon! Tip: always keep a few good movies downloaded and ready to watch.

Museum of Goa

You can find Musuems and smaller venues featuring photo exhibitions, art and performances in Goa. One place defentliy worth to visit is the Museum of Goa. Located 30 minutes by taxi or bike from the Hostel, this Museum also hosts Workshops such as Pottery or Art classes. Closed on Mondays, but check current opening hours on their homepage.

Spa day

The rainy season in Goa is a good time to pamper yourself and show some love to your body. You can find Spas and Ayurvedic Massages around Anjuna, Calangute or Porvorim area. We can also recommend this barber shop and if you're looking for Hair Studio on international standards, we can recommend this.

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