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Things to do in Goa

Our team created a list of our favourite things to do in and around Anjuna, get some inspiration here!

Beach Hopping

A great way to get an overview of Goa is by hopping from one Beach to the other. Anjuna Beach is just a 4-minute walk from the Hostel and best for sunsets & parties. Ozran Beach is a 10-minute drive by bike and great for swimming. You can find some shacks at Vagator Beach, and if you are looking for a more peaceful spot - check Ashwem Beach!

Wednesday Flea Market

Once the most famous Hippie Market in the world, where foreigners from various different countries sold handmade items, artworks, jewellery, spices and musicians performed in front of giant audiences - with harder regulations, it became more and more difficult for Hippies to gather at the market. During Goa's Lockdown, the Market closed down, but in 2022 the Wednesday Flea Market came back, although much smaller than it used to be, you'll find some cute stalls, souvenirs and cloth shops here. Every Wednesday during Season Time at Anjuna Beach from 9 am - 6 pm.

Try an authentic Goan Thali

Opposite the Hostel at Good Luck Shop or a little down the road at Sahil's Bar & Restaurant,

you can find great local destinations to enjoy some Goan Style Thalis. Vegetarian, Fish or Chicken; a home-cooked Goan Thali should definitely be on your Bucket List!

Enjoy the most delicious Italian Gelato

Mr. Gelato - Cream Choc in Goa is the place if you're looking for the best ice cream in town! A 7-minute ride by bike, located opposite a white Chapel. You can check out their homepage here

Go surfing in Morjim Beach

A 30- minute drive from the Hostel, you can find some great surf schools at Morjim Beach (like Octopus Surf School). You can also find a few Restaurants renting out different types of boards. You do not want to miss a good surf at Morjim Beach when visiting Goa!

Chapora Fort

If you feel like sightseeing, Chapora Fort in Vagator has a beautiful sunset view. No entry fee, but it can get really hot, so carry some sun protection and water with you. Approximately a hundred steps to get to the top, but the view is worth it! Located a 15-minute drive by bike from the Hostel.

Try a Yoga Class

A great way to take care of your body & mind while travelling is to join some Yoga classes. We offer Yoga Classes at The Funky Monkey Hostel during Season and on request (you're also free to use the Yoga Space by yourself and rent a mat). Besides the Hostel, you can find Yoga Classes at Artjuna Cafe, Tito's White House, Shala 142 or Om Yoga.

Visit a Hippie Market

The Goa Collective Bazar at Hilltop is a great place to shop for some unique accessories, clothes and handmade items. The Market also offers some yummy food stands, cocktails and great music gigs. Every Friday in Vagator, you can find out more details on facebook or Instagram.

Learn a new skill

Goa is hosting many unique people with many unique talents and incredible skills. It is the perfect spot to try something new, discover new passions and get inspired! You can find the best Mixed Martial Art Classes at Tribal Warriors. At the same location, you can also find amazing Areal Silk workshops. Next to the Gym of Tribal Warriors right at Artjuna Cafe, you can find Music, Art or Yoga classes during Season Time. If you would like to learn dancing Tito's White House is a good address. Another beautiful location if you would like to learn meditation, yoga, dancing, body art or take part in sound healing sessions is Shala 142 in Assagao. And if you would like to create something beautiful out of clay visit luneclay

Go for a live gig

Goa is home to some extremely talented musicians. You can find Reggae, Classic Rock, Indian Fusion, Salsa, Rock'n'Roll, Indie Pop or Acoustic Nights all around North Goa. A great place in Anjuna is Guru Bar, or if you are heading towards Chapora you can check out Bar High Five

Dance all night

Goa wouldn't be Goa without Goa. The world capital of EDM and psytrance, Curlie's and Shiva Valley are just a few minutes walk from The Funky Monkey Hostel. Other great venues to Party all night long are Hiltop, UV-Bar, House of Chapora, Cafe Lilliput, Lumina by the Beach, Marabella Beach Resort, but the list of good venues is much longer so check here

Find a Chai Mama

and try our favourite Goan Midnight snack - Omelette Poee! Poee is a small, round bread with a pocket inside, together with some spicy omelette (or butter) it makes a super delicious snack. Ideal if you need some energy after dancing, you can usually find Chai & Poee stands across all the party venues.

Early Morning Walks

Early mornings in North Goa are beautiful - the beaches are peaceful and empty, you get to enjoy such tranquillity and chances are you'll spot peacocks, horses, goats, cows, parrots, woodpeckers, colibris or some kingfisher birds walking along the paddy fields.

Museum of Goa

If you want to explore Goa's cultural side, you find exhibitions and events here. Closed on Mondays, located a 30-minute drive from the Hostel and definitely worth a visit!

Spend a day in Panjim

Baroque-style catholic churches, Portuguese architecture, parks, cute shops and stunning street art in between. This city is different compared to all other cities in India and definitely worth a visit! Also, a great place to try some authentic Goan - Portuguese snacks & sweets (like traditional Goan Bebinca). Located 45 minutes from the Hostel by Taxi / bike.

Try a delicious Burger! Gourmet Burger with yummy fries and great Milkshakes, Burger Factory Anjuna is just a few minutes by bike from the Hostel - if you're in the mood for a really tasty burger, this place is highly recommended!

Golden Hour Photoshoot

Crab your favourite travel buddies and capture some memories of your Goa trip on the beach during golden hour! The last hours before sunset makes everyone and everything look golden, no makeup and no filter needed.

Sunset gazing

Our favourite Sunset Point is just a few minute walk from the hostel. You will get an amazing view over all Anjuna Beach. To reach, just walk outside the hostel - to the left uphill in the direction of Shiva Valley and Curlies, but once you reached Shiva Valley, just continue a little bit higher. Highly recommended spot!

Try some Cabo! Cabo, a Goan liqeur, ideal for tropical cocktails. A sweet coconut flavor that really goes well with fresh pineapple and ice! Come to The Funky Bar and try one Cabo Cocktail!

All about Alcohol

The world's first Alcohol Museum located in Candolim houses some antique alcohol making implements and unique equipment from India and across the world. You can learn everything about Feni Goan's locally brewed alcohol and try some Cocktails here.

Mall de Goa

If you want to shop for some branded clothes, need an apple store or want to go to the cinema, Mall de Goa is located a 30-minute drive by Taxi/bike from the Hostel. If you need a place to eat on the way, drop by on the go, you can find some delicious Peruvian snacks and coffees there!

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