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Earth Day 2022

At The Funky Monkey Hostel, we try to stay conscious of our environmental impact. We banned plastic cups and straws from our bar, invest in recycling, plant many new trees and adopt animals in need whenever we can. There are a few things you could do to help us to create a more sustainable Hostel culture!

  1. Carry a refillable water bottle! You can refill your bottle for free at the Hostel and help us to reduce plastic waste.

  2. Say NO to plastic straws and plastic bags - carry your own bag!

  3. Save water and turn off AC / lights when leaving your room.

  4. Keep your towel clean, don't throw it on the floor after a single use!

  5. Go by train, bus & shared rides instead of travelling by car! Our Goan roads and the local wildlife are suffering from increasing car traffic.

  6. Do not leave any trash behind! Carry your items around until you find recycling bins.

  7. Use sustainable options for body hygiene. You can find places around to buy handmade soaps, body lotions, sun protection and more that come with zero-waste packaging!

  8. Consider carrying a good, reusable mask instead of using single-use masks in Goa.

  9. Take part in a Beach Clean up! Beach Clean Ups in Goa are fun, they often come with good music, some cold beers and you will get to meet new friends and do something posetive. Whenever we organize or take part in beach clean-ups, we announce it on our Instagram stories!

  10. Don't buy new clothes just for travel and if needed, check out some amazing local second hand shops in Goa!

"We don't need a handful of People doing zero waste perfectly - we need millions of people doing it imperfectly" - Anne Marie Bonneau

Do you have any other ideas, tipps or inspirational thoughts in how we can make travelling and hostel more sustainable? We'd really like to hear your thoughts!

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