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Calm Beach

Thank you!

Although many things have changed, our intention at The Funky Monkey Hostel remained the same: to provide a safe and beautiful environment for travellers, backpackers, and our team. Therefore we always follow necessary safety measures and recommended guidelines to provide a safe experience for everyone, including our surrounding local communities.


During the first year of covid, we rearranged our rooms and lowered our dorm occupancy to guarantee the best social distancing. But our huge garden space and many common areas make social distancing easy anyways! We offer contactless payment methods at the reception and self-sanitizing stations across the property. Please sanitize your hands before entering the property and maintain good personal hygiene. We use high-quality chemicals to disinfect common areas and washrooms twice daily. We offer temperature checks at the Reception and we remain closed during announced Curfews or Lockdowns.​

Thank you for your understanding!

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